Operator & Personnel Training

Industrial learning for every need with Training Services

Operator & Personnel Training

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Operator & Personnel Training

Industrial learning for every need with Training Services

Operator & Personnel Training

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Operator & Personnel Training


Your operators and maintenance technicians have a direct impact on your systems. With Our training services, you can provide your staff with comprehensive skills to care for your systems and help maximize productivityThe ongoing digitalization in the industry also changes the way in which we absorb and process knowledge: We learn more and longer - for our work, for our career, and for ourselves. That's why efficient and sustainable learning is of utmost importance to stay up-to-date. Our Training Services allow you to continuously expand your knowledge, by applying new training methods suited to every type of learner

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We can provide a tailored, flexible training program based on your production needs and an assessment of your employees’ existing skills.


Training services include:


  • Operator Training (at customer site)
  • Service Training Level 1 (at our premises)
  • Service training Level 2 (at customer site)


Operator Training


In addition to the standard training you receive with your automation system, we can provide supplemental classroom and structured hands-on training for your new system. With extra preparation, your team can further reduce their time to achieve production targets, prevent operating faults, and reduce overall downtime.


Ongoing Training


Training shouldn’t end at production ramp-up. Providing your operators, maintenance, and controls/software technicians with regular training will help improve the way your systems are handled and produce a more self-sufficient, engaged workforce.

Offer your employees a professional learning environment to expand and specialize their skills.

We’ll work with you to create a customized training program tailored for your automation systems and staff needs. Your program could include in-class training, hands-on workshops, on-the-job training, an employee advancement program, or anything in between.

we are led by stellar educators with real-world systems experience. We will capture who has completed the courses and share this information with you for your training records.


Train the Trainer Program


Want to implement an employee training program? Having a trainer in-house is a convenient and economical option. Comecer’s Train the Trainer program offers your in-house employees the skills to effectively share their knowledge with others. Employees who attend the program receive the material and aids required to conduct courses for operators and maintenance technicians.


Typical Training Topics


Operator training


Introduce your employees to the physical system and interactions needed for daily production. Topics may include:


  • Safety
  • System overview
  • System startup and shutdown
  • Operator interface screens
  • Operator-level system parameters
  • General calibrations


Service training


Prepare staff with the skills to effectively troubleshoot the system and complete preventive maintenance tasks. Topics may include:


  • Safety
  • Maintenance and engineering menus
  • Technician-level tooling calibrations and setups
  • Maintenance technician system parameters
  • Preventive maintenance procedures
  • Fault troubleshooting

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