Integrated set of solutions to monitor and commission of EOT cranes


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Integrated set of solutions to monitor and commission of EOT cranes


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Automatic (unmanned) crane is based on the traditional crane system, using information technology, network technology and sensor technology as the crane system to realize the crane intelligent and unmanned operation of the warehouse area integrated management system.

Stellar Automation


Unmanned crane control (PLC)


-   Intelligent control of the whole process, with the warehouse management system, without personnel involvement in the whole process;

-   Special spreader, with the anti-hook device and 360-degree rotation function, real-time detection of reaction force;

-   With its own control and command system, it can intelligently generate task worksheets and automatically execute and sequence them;

-   Machine vision fuzzy positioning system, independently scans to form images and analyzes location data, real-time observation, and rapid data processing;


Remote control system


-   Remote management of the Internet of Things, real-time grasp of crane status, operating parameters of each mechanism, and life status of wear parts;

-   Industrial-grade wireless communication system, with strong anti-interference ability, keeps real-time collaboration with other equipment to complete tasks;

-   No matter where you are, remote fault diagnosis can be realized through an authorized remote diagnosis system;


Treasury management system


-   Develop an optimized crane dispatching plan based on the evaluation criteria of optimal time and crane load balance;

-   It solves the problems of low positioning accuracy and unstable work of traditional cranes, ensures stable and reliable transportation of goods, reduces the failure rate of crane operation, reduces manual participation, and improves production efficiency and benefits.


Crane dispatch system


-   Path optimization technology

-   Material tracking technology for crane positioning

-   Intelligent scheduling technology


Anti-sway system


-   The electrical real-time anti-sway system adjusts the running speed in real-time according to the weight and placement to ensure the stability of the lifting;

-   The mechanical telescopic rod is hard and anti-sway, which offsets all the swinging forces and ensures that there is no swing during the lifting process;


Precise positioning system


-   Ultra-high-level positioning accuracy, up to 2mm, can be stacked to ensure that it is placed where it is pointed;

-   The special servo drive device, laser ranging, and control system for cranes can realize rapid and accurate positioning of cranes;


Vehicle identification system


-   Use servo system and 2D scanner to integrate special scanning device, independently research and develop vehicle identification system to complete vehicle 3D identification, and realize unmanned crane automatic loading and unloading of vehicles.


Vehicle Collision Avoidance system:


-The vehicle collision avoidance system can prevent the mobile vehicles in the warehouse from colliding with the crane. The vehicle

collision avoidance system receives the vehicle entry and exit status sent by the crane scheduling system and transmits the position information of the vehicles entering the factory area to the crane scheduling system. The crane scheduling system sets hypothetical dangerous areas based on the real-time position to prevent moving vehicles and vehicles. People collided with cranes. The vehicle collision avoidance system uses a scanner to detect whether the incoming vehicle is super high, and the measured height is at least 500mm lower than the safe height of the crane.


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