Vision Systems

Eliminate defects, verify assembly, and track information

Vision Systems

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Vision Systems

Eliminate defects, verify assembly, and track information

Vision Systems

Discover More
Vision Systems


For years, Stellar Automation has been a leading integrator of vision systems for some of the world’s leading camera manufacturers and vision software developers like Cognex and  Keyence. Our practical experience has enabled us to deliver high-performance systems that help manufacturers gain knowledge and empower change. Our machine vision systems help improve the quality of manufacturing and output by eliminating defects, verifying assembly, and tracking information at all production stages. These machine vision systems are used in a wide range of applications from parts orientation and product assembly to large material handling and label inspection.

With vision systems, manufacturers receive a constant stream of information by capturing images of specific manufacturing process functions. From the data gathered, the vision system can make decisions, generally pass/fail, on operations needing an analysis. Collective data can identify problems with a manufacturing line or other function. This allows companies to:

  • Improve efficiencies

  • Eliminate unproductive processes

  • Increase uptime

  • Identify out-of-specification products

  • Reduce costs


Stellar Automation




We use a wide range of cameras, lenses, lighting, and software to create a vision system that not only provides a customized solution but offers the best performance for the cost. From a stand-alone, single-camera cell to a comprehensive vision inspection and automation system with multiple cameras, we design and build systems to meet challenging needs. And, when asked, we can perform a feasibility study to prove our solution before the design-build process even begins.




  • Color identification

  • Contaminant detection

  • Date verification

  • Dispensing inspection

  • Error proofing

  • Face and surface inspection

  • High precision alignment

  • Label inspection

  • Part assembly

  • Part location/part picking

  • Parts measurement

  • Part orientation

  • Part position/location

  • Part traceability

  • Robot and machine guidance




  • Automated assembly

  • Large material handling

  • Parts orientations and marking

  • Multi-station work cells

  • Product packaging

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