VFD & MCC Panels (SS & MS)

MCCs that offer the safest and most effective method for motor control

VFD & MCC Panels (SS & MS)

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VFD & MCC Panels (SS & MS)

MCCs that offer the safest and most effective method for motor control

VFD & MCC Panels (SS & MS)

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VFD & MCC Panels (SS & MS)


Our company is known for manufacturing and supplying precision engineered Industrial MCC and VFD Panels. These customized MCC & VFD Panels have created a higher demand among customers for having unmatched quality, excellent efficiency, and long-term durability. Designed to perfection, these are widely renowned for simple operation and low maintenance. These have the capacity to feed larger loads and are designed as per the client’s specifications. The MCC & VFD panels are conventional to international standards and are available with multiple power stabs that help in supporting high-capacity industrial motors.

We can provide a number of vertical sections of motor control centers in different amps with mains and lug compartments. We provide controllers with manual or automatic means of starting or stopping the motor, selecting forward or reverse rotation, selecting and regulating the speed, regulating or limiting the torque, and protecting against overloads or faults. We can make motor controllers with different features and complexities depending on the task that the motor will be performing

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​MCC Technical Specification:


Key features of Motor control centers offer:


  •   PLS-based Auto/Remote Start-Stop; Sequential Start-Stop.
  •   Floor / Pedestal mounted
  •   Fully type tested assemblies as per IEC 61439-1
  •   Rated up to 6300A and 440V
  •   Type tested for 100kA/1 sec, 50kA/3 sec
  •   Tailored control using PLC, VFD, Soft starter, etc.
  •   Indoor / Outdoor duty confirming up to IP55 protection class
  •   Ample cabling space for easy connections with Top and bottom cable entry.
  •   Designed for both withdrawable & fixed versions with extendable compartments
  •   Maximum Controllability with umpteen number of Human and Machine protections
  •   Modular system with Customized design to meet end-user requirements



VFD Technical Specification:


We offer VFD Panels conforming to the following specifications:


System 3 Phase, 3 or 4 wire, 50Hz
Rated Current Up to 5000 Amps
Operational Voltage 230/380/415/440v AC
Rated Insulation 1000v
Rated Service Voltage 690v
Ambient Temperature 45 Deg C
Short Time Current Up to 65KA for 1Sec, 105KA peak
Degree of Protection IP42-IP65
Form of Separation Up to 3B/4B
Type Tested for Short Time Current withstand Temperature Rise Degree of Protection
Bus Bar System Interleaved above 3200A
Bus Bar Aluminum or Copper
Feeder Configuration Semi Drowout or Fix Type

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