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Safety PLC, IO, and software for automation systems

Safety Technologies

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Safety Technologies

Safety PLC, IO, and software for automation systems

Safety Technologies

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Safety Technologies


The safety PLC is a critical part of the overall integrated control system. It falls into two main application groups — fail-safe and fault-tolerant. Fail-safe applications, also called safety protection systems, are used primarily in general manufacturing to shut down machinery and put it into a safe state. Fault-tolerant applications, appropriately called safety continuous control systems, are required for process-related applications to keep the process running through fault conditions where a shut-down would create a dangerous situation (e.g. chemical spill) or significant loss of product. Fail-safe applications are more commonly considered for safety solutions. With the Safety PLC controllers, we offer control systems that enable you to control both automation and safety functions within a project. 

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Safety PLC vs Standard PLC


Safety PLCs now use control reliable design and layers of protection to meet the high levels of reliability required by the current standards. Safety PLCs are suited for applications at SIL 2 and SIL 3 where they can be certified for use in most common safety applications. The redundancy and self-checking features of safety PLCs come with a price tag. Safety PLCs cost approximately 25% to 30% more than their standard PLC. Another important thing to note is that safety PLCs are still a relatively new product with new technology. Engineers and technicians are not familiar with the newer technology so additional training may be necessary for safety PLCs. You can easily recognize a safety PLC from its body. Safety PLCs have a yellow body. (Or yellow line is available its body. Normal PLC has wide application areas. In industrial environments, you can see lots of PLCs. But safety PLC can be used in only safety applications.


Our Expertise:


Material handling (Distribution centers, airports, harbors, etc. )


  • AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)
  • Cranes
  • Hoists, etc.


Robot applications


  • Robot cells (B&W, press, laser cutting, etc.)


Winder applications


  • Metals,
  • Pulp&Paper


Various process automation applications


  • Hydrogen tank stations
  • Boilers
  • Burner Management Systems, etc.

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